Keeper of the Colony


Beware! When the curfew bell tolls in the Dark End you had better be off the street! The icy Colony of Javeer, brutally ruled by Horando and his Gulden Guard, is a horrific setting for Level 4 of Matt's computer game. Targon has disappeared and Varl has been arrested and thrown into Central Jail. When Matt attempts to rescue Varl with the help of his new friends, Keir and Bronya Logan, he learns that Horando is not the only enemy he must beat. Gnashers live deep in the gold mines and are killing humans that dare to enter. But Horando will stop at nothing when it comes to increasing his stock of goldeven if it means sending thousands of humans to their death. Can Matt defeat Horando and save Varl before he becomes the next victim of the Gnashers?