Darok 10 Reviews



"I was happy to see that H.J. Ralles returned to the moon for her fifth book. Darok 10 is a wonderful science fiction / thriller romp over the landscape of the moon. For those of you wondering what a "darok" might be, it is a domed city on the moon. They vary in size and Will lives in a fairly small one. Darok 10 is the biggest one on the moon and both Will and Maddie are blown away by both the size of the dome and all of the things that are going on in there. As for the story, Darok 10 is a very fast-paced thrill ride that doesn't have any slowdowns until the ride comes to a full and complete stop at the end of the book. Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all time as you don't want to fall off of this one. Darok 10 is great read for kids and adults of all ages who just love a good story. So, if you are looking for a sci fi thrill ride, pick up a copy of Darok 10 by H.J. Ralles. It will be the best E-ticket ride you will have been on in a while." Conan Tigard, ReadingReview.com.

"If you love a great story, action, adventure, mystery and suspense, youíll love reading Darok 10." Marsha Barker, Assistant Coordinator, Northeast Texas Library System.

"Ralles puts the reader into Willís mind - his emotions, his fear and anger, his impatience and sadness. As the mystery deepens into intensely gripping action, the reader is led to wonder how this dilemma can possibly evolve." JoAn Martin, Review of Texas Books.

"Darok 10 is another sci-fi thriller that readers of any age will enjoy. It has heart-stopping action and danger aplenty as Will, Rachel, Hank and Maddie Goren seek to find out who is endangering the Darok and why. Young adults, who are fans of H.J. Ralles will enjoy this installment of the Darok series." Jo Rogers, Myshelf.com.