"Creative writing educator H.J. Ralles has set her science fiction novel Darok 9 in the year 2120. This is an exciting post-apocalyptic story about the Earth's last survivors, barely enduring on the harsh surface of the moon. A top scientist perfects a drug that removes the body's need for water, making survival that much easier; but his discovery brings treachery and murder, and the teenagers Will and Maddie get swept up in a dangerous game with the welfare of humanity's legacy at stake. An enjoyable and recommended novel for science fiction enthusiasts."

The Midwest Book Review

"Darok 9 has the excitement of a computer game, put into a book, that parents and teachers will love to see in the hands of their children."

Linda Wills, Rockwall County News

"Darok 9 is a young adult book set in the year 2120 on the moon of Earth. This is a Science Fiction story, but at the same time it is a Thriller, as the action is non-stop. . . H.J. Ralles has created a fun adventure for all ages to read about. From the first page, the pace of the book is fast and always keeps the reader interested. Young adults will love the suspense that builds and builds as Hank and Will try to avoid being captured. . . I found that I hated to put this book down, as I really wanted to find out what was going to happen next. This is a fun book for not only young adults, but anyone who likes a good science fiction thriller."

Conan Tigard, ReadingReview.com

"Darok 9 is another wonderful science fiction book for young adults by H.J. Ralles, author of Keeper of the Kingdom. Filled with nonstop action and suspense, it tells the story of a young scientist, Hank Havard, and his quest to keep his big discovery out of enemy hands. The language in this book is clean, as it was in Keeper of the Kingdom, something I found refreshing. Also, the message that violence doesn't pay is strong. The characters are believable, and the plot is solid. Darok 9 is a can't-put-it-down, go-away-and-let-me-read science fiction thriller, sure to please any reader of any age!"

Jo Rogers, Myshelf .com

"From the explosive opening chapter, the pace of Darok 9 never falters . . . Ralles holds us to the end in her tension-filled suspense. We read on to see what surprising events her interesting characters initiate. The scientific jargon and technology does not interfere with the action-filled story which any person can follow even if less versed in the science fiction aspects."

JoAn Martin, Review of Texas Books

"H.J. Ralles is the author and creator of this science fiction book for kids. However, Darok 9 certainly can hold its own in the adult world as well. This very entertaining book is hard to put down. Once you start reading it you just want to know how it will end. Filled with action and surprises around every bend this book keeps your attention."

Kelly Hoffman, Slacker's Sci-Fi Source

"Darok 9 brings a lunar environment and time period three generations beyond the nuclear destruction of earth, smack dab into a science fiction setting perfect for this gripping story. Her characters ring true to their actions, making them believable. The author's rapid-pace use of action scenes keep the story skyrocketing to its climax and resolution. The author's clean use of prose hones the dialogue razor-sharp. This novel meets the needs of adults as well as young adults."

Sally Roberts, author of The Legend of Crystal Lake