Keeper of the Island


"This is the fifth book in The Keeper series, and it is a captivating futuristic adventure for young adults. H. J. Ralles deftly weaves sinister pirates, a tropical island, and ancient pyramids with the struggle that pits good against evil and where Matt, Varl, and Targon must puzzle out who they can trust and who they can’t. While the reader knows the friends play a computer game, the danger and malevolence come across as real threats. Uncovering the truth becomes paramount to surviving the game. Ralles has a good grasp of the world of modern pirates and how they differed from their brethren of the past. Keeper of the Island is a rousing escapade fraught with danger and friendship that snares the reader into the game and leaves him or her spellbound."  Cindy Vallar, The Pirate Lady.   Visit


"On the pages of KEEPER OF THE ISLAND Ralles adroitly plaits a magnetic tale including greedy pirates, ancient pyramids, and a tropical island. Matt, Targon and Varl must figure out who the good guys are and whether they can trust anyone. Writer Ralles crafts a stimulating storyline that sets good against wicked placed against a backdrop of keen-witted dialog, fast paced action and captivating milieu filled with tropical venues and a vast array of characters. Cpt. Scarr, Skimmy McFinn, Billy Rogers, Hawkeye – William Hawkins, Bart, Targon, Varl are a well fleshed, believable and interesting mélange of players. KEEPER OF THE ISLAND is a must have for the personal reading shelf, the class and school library for readers of the target middle grade readers. This book is one I will be taking to my 4th grade classroom when school resumes in the fall. Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend. " Molly Martin. Author's Den