Keeper of the Island


Pirates?Ah, me mateys, pirates indeed! When Capín Persivius Scarr discovers Matt onboard his ship and throws him in the brig, Scarr gets more than he has bargained for! Matt soon discovers that Dreamseeker is not a typical pirate ship and that CapínScarr is hoarding a lot more than pirate booty. After Varl and Targon discover treasure in the pyramid of Balamachu, Varl mysteriously vanishes and Targon enlists the help of Gabriela Kimile to find himóbut what does Gabrielaís father know about the treasure that heís not telling? In Level 5 of his computer game, Matt must untangle a web of pirates, mutineers, islanders and federal agents in order to destroy the Keeper. In the riveting final book of the Keeper series, the secrets of Mattís computer game will be revealed!