Keeper of the Kingdom


"Aimed at young adults, this is ingenious enough to appeal powerfully to adults who wonder how far this entire computer age can go. . . . Ralles knows how to pace her story - the action moves in sharp chase-and-destroy scenes as Commanders hunt down the dangerous young boy. . . . The pages literally brim with action and computer possibilities and discoveries. The characters are memorable, particularly the very human 101. And that ending . . . - is brilliant. A compelling read from exciting beginning to just as exciting ending."

The Book Reader

"This zoom-paced sci-fi adventure, set in the kingdom of Zaul, is a literary version of every kid's dream of a computer game. Keeper of the Kingdom may be touted for youngsters from 9 to 13, but I'll bet you my Spiderman ring that it will be a "sleeper" for adults as well."

Johanna M. Brewer, Plano Star Courier

"Kids will be drawn into this timely sci-fi adventure about a boy who mysteriously becomes a character in his own computer game. The intriguing plot and growing suspense will hold their attention all the way through to the book’s provocative ending."

Carol Dengle - Dallas Public Library

"Keeper of the Kingdom is a must read. From the first page to the last, there is no relief from the suspense and tension. H.J. Ralles has captivated anyone with a fascination for computer games, and found a way to connect computer literate children to reading."

JoAn W. Martin- Review Of Texas Books

"Computer kids (ages 10 - 13) will love this book and its technological, science fiction, problem solving story."

Linda Wills- Rockwall County News

"KEEPER OF THE KINGDOM is a fun read for younger readers as well as adults. It embodies one lesson for us all. Never, ever, let your computer do all your thinking!"

Jo Rogers -

"Keeper of the Kingdom abounds in action and technology all fans will relish. The author uses break-neck, action-packed chapters to propel the reader through the novel to a satisfying, yet surpising conclusion, befitting a science fiction tale."

Sally A.Roberts - Author of The Legend of Crystal Lake

"Ms. Ralles has created an interesting and brutal world where humans are killed for breaking the rules and live their lives as slaves to the super computer. The characters she has brought to life are quite believable and are very interesting to read about. Like any book published by a first-time author, I am always a little skeptical. But I was pleasantly surprised by the way the story rolled along and with the character development. The characters were easy to read about, as they were quite likeable, and the situations they are placed in are quite exciting. . . I would recommend this book to young adults who are not only into computers and computer games, but are also into science fiction."

Conan Tigard -

H.J. Ralles, the author of Darok 9 has done it again. Just as any good book or video game should, Keeper of the Kingdom starts out with full force action and does not stop until the very end. Keeper of the Kingdom is a true attention grabber which will keep young people and the young at heart glued to the pages. This is the first in a series of Keeper Books by H.J. Ralles and it is a excellent beginning.

Kelly Hoffman-

As in any good video game the PG-rated action isunrelenting, and the good guys never give up. Keeper of the Kingdom could be made easily into an adequate Nickelodeon-style kids' movie.

VOYA Magazine