Keeper of the Realm


"Ralles' creation may well be a dream come true for some readers. The young adult audience is rife with gamers who should thoroughly enjoy Matt's adventures . . . Watching a young man the age of Matt use his wits to navigate the complicated obstacles and decisions at each level of the game is a good reminder that the young are capable of great things. With so many stories shaking humanity's faith in our children, it's a point that bears repeating now and then. It can't hurt to focus on some of the positive effects of puzzling through a complex video game, either. . . Ralles knows her audience and she gives them what they want. No doubt her fans are already champing at the bit, waiting for Keeper of the Empire. It's coming. Practice some of that patience video games reward."

Lisa DuMond SF Site,

"Keeper of the Realm is an exciting sequel to Keeper of the Kingdom. This is a great read for young adults, though many young teens will also enjoy it. H.J. Ralles gets better with each book she writes."

Jo Rogers,

"In this second book of the Keeper series, Matt and his fellow game travelers are swept into level two of Matt's mysterious and dangerous computer game. Only quick wits, lightening reflexes, and clever strategizing will save them as they strive to remain alive, defeat the Keeper, and liberate the citizens of Karn from their evil conquorers, the Noxerans. This book stands alone as a captivating read for young gamers and sci-fi fans, though the series'intriguing plot line will draw them to want to follow Matt through to the completion of all the levels of his computer game. Evidently Matt will not be returning home as soon as he had wished."

Carol Dengle, Dallas Public Library

"Keeper of the Realm is the second book in the Keeper series. This is a young adult science fiction book set in the year 2540 and focuses on a boy named Matt who is from the year 2010. The story revolves his attempt to finish a computer game he started before he was sucked into the game. The only problem is that he now has to finish as a real character from inside the game. It was great to read about Matt again. I got a chance to learn about Matt in the first book in the series, Keeper of the Kingdom, and was happy to see him continuing his adventures in another story. Although the background of the story was quite different than in the first book, I found that I liked this story even better. Throughout the entire book, you can feel the tension that is created by having the Noxerans in the other half of the underwater structure, and the desperation of a race held in captivity. H.J. Ralles spins a wonderful Science Fiction tale aimed at younger readers, but has also created something that is quite enjoyable for booklovers of all ages. Younger readers will instantly like Matt and his friends and will be eager to learn what is going to happen next. . . Overall, Keeper of the Realm is an excellent read for young readers that enjoy a fantastic yarn and full of surprises that will keep them guessing what will happen next. All I can really say is that I can't wait to read the next book, Keeper of the Empire."

Conan Tigard,

"Although Matt has had enough adventure to last him the rest of his life, H.J. Ralles continues to offer readers a fascinating affiliation between computers and books. Her two "Keeper" stories are wonderful reading experiences, constructed to keep the pages turning from beginning to end. Matt is in trouble from the first line in H.J. Ralles sequel to Keeper of the Kingdom. His only interest, after escaping entrapment in Zaul (Keeper of the Kingdom, 2001) is to go home. When two old friends from Zaul, Varl and Targon, appear, Matt has company in his misery. A beautiful girl, Keela, shares a map of Realm with the three wayfarers. They plan a strategy to retrieve Matt's laptop computer and escape Karn. Citizens of Karn become their allies as they plot a rebellion against the cruel Noxerans to reclaim their underwater realm, three hundred feet below sea level . . . Another twist at the end when Matt completes Level 2 will lead the reader to Keeper of the Empire. Players of computer games will see themselves as right in the middle of the game, rather than simply watching on the monitor.

JoAn Martin, Review of Texas Books